Hi, I’m Dave

I am a user interface designer, iOS developer, and web application guy based in Upstate New York where I live with my wife, a small child I helped make, three chickens, and a couple of dogs we rescued from a shelter.

What I Do

I design things using tools like Quartz Composer, SASS, & Sketch, and develop things in languages like Objective-C, python & JavaScript.

Signs Up

An iOS math game. Animations were prototyped in Quartz Composer, and the app makes extensive use of the POP framework to implement them. You can read all about it on it's very own website.

Signs Up game screenshot

Available on the App Store!

Simble Studios

Website for the company I co-own, Simble Studios

Simble Studios Website

Simple, Nimble: Simble

Zazen Time

An app to help you Just Sit. A simple app for a simple purpose. Available on the App Store.

Zazen Timer for iPhone screenshot

Zazen Timer: Session List and Edit Screens

Pernod Ricard USA Application Suite

A suite of event management iOS applications for many of the Pernod Ricard brands including The Glenlivet®, Jameson® Irish Whiskey, and ABSOLUT® Vodka.

Pernod Ricard Application Screenshots

And I don't even drink!


UI refinement for the amazingly awesome BeagleSNES Emulator.

BeagleSNES Emulator UI

Strangely enough, I never had a Nintendo growing up.

Pelican Plugins

I recently used Pelican to build a site, and found it quite wonderful. There were a couple things I wished it did though, and so now it does:

React JSON Viewing Components

I needed to look at some semi-large JSON files. I wanted to learn React a bit more. A few hours later, this thing was born. You can grab the source or just mess with a demo of it in use.

React JSON viewer screenshot

That's some pretty spiffy looking data

But Wait, There's More!

If you want to see even more stuff, including some of my drawing and painting, feel free to peruse the other page of things.


I occasionally write things that people sometimes actually read.

Bonus Photo

Here are the kid and dogs I mentioned way back up at the top.

A child and two dogs

I Have To Feed These Guys Almost Every Day!

Wait… Every day?