Welcome to this internet website.

Welcome to eskimospy.com

Hi, I'm Dave, and welcome to my site. I am a User Interface Designer / Web Applications Developer / JavaScript Developer / iPhone Developer / Graphic Designer based in upstate New York where I live with my wife, a small child I helped make and a very old dog (see below). I also enjoy volleyball, playing guitar, cooking, drawing, video games, as well as light snacks.

On the site, you'll find information about the professional / computer side of my life. Eventually, there might be more, but for now feel free to check out my resume or view some samples of my work in my portfolio. If you were looking for the design and development company I run, you can find that at chmoddesign.com. In case that isn't of any interest to you, please enjoy this picture of Woofer, who was the best dog ever.

My dog, Woofer